Hello, my name is Annie!

About Ditto

Ditto is a project born of my desire to create a group chat with my friends. It seemed I couldn’t choose a platform where everyone would be happy with the choice – so I thought I’d make my own!

Over time I realized how valuable decentralization is, and how cool bridges could be (which is, I think, a big selling point of Matrix to the average user).

If you think Ditto is cool, please join our Matrix room and connect with me! I love new friends!

About Me

I’m a recent Baylor grad living it up in Austin, Texas. I love hosting game nights and D&D sessions with my amazing husband. I also enjoy tennis, swing dancing, Super Smash Bros, and meeting new people.

If you’re traveling through Austin, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to grab coffee!


Matrix Room: #ditto:ditto.chat

GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ditto-chat/ditto-mobile

Message me on Matrix: @annie:ditto.chat

(512) 553-6455 | annie@elequin.io